Head of Making Things Beautiful

Since graduating from the University of London almost 2 years ago with a 1st Class Degree in Management and Marketing, I have tried my hand a few things. As shameless and hopeless romantic, I set out to fulfil my childhood dream of become a wedding planner, and although it was an amazing experience I felt my heart was not fully in it.

I decided to go into the Creative side of Marketing and I have fallen deeper in love with it ever since. The most important thing in my life is finding the beauty and love in everything around me and my job role allows me to do just that.

It is so much more that getting inspiration from Pinterest boards, creating beautiful pages for a website or making sure that an instagram feed is colour-coded for maximum aesthetics (which I love btw) . For me, it is about being able to communicate with people all around the world through a language we can all understand, a visual language.


I live for rose gold and white, I love yoga, white sand beaches, brunch with my friends and Sunday morning pancakes with my partner.

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