Ruth Duggal

Head of Digital Flow

Ruth is a digital storyteller. She’s spent the last 20 years creating digital video content for organisations to help them communicate their message and purpose with their customers, clients and wider audience. She recognises that the best way to engage people and bring about change is to get to the heart of the emotional stories behind the brand or organisation and make them the focus of communication. Her video production company, Shuut - Videos With Heart, existed to help organisations improve the human experience through heartfelt video story telling. Her clients included charities, arts & cultural organisations, healthcare and wellbeing providers, educational & learning organisations and those concerned with personal improvement and development.

Ruth has seen first hand the power of digital content to bring about change and have a lasting effect. For her, the journey of content creation can be just as important as the end product when it is approached with curiosity and an open mind. For this reason, Ruth also started to share her knowledge and experience with people of how to create their own video stories using mobile devices.

Ruth is also a trained journalist and feature writer, having written for several national publications including The Big Issue and Cosmopolitan, and she is co-author of the book, Make Your Own Videos.

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I have always had an acute awareness that my deep-down fulfilment would only be satisfied if I could bring joy to, and facilitate positive change in others… but I wasn’t sure how. As I bathe in the tide of emotional outpouring from speaker after speaker, I realise I might just have found the perfect place to start.
June 24, 2019