Our Vision

harnessing the power of emotions and connection to change lives

Enabling everyone to be their emotionally and socially fittest

EmotiHealth social conscience is at the heart of our organisation. Founders, Dr. Jessica Bolton and Dr. Angela Cooper have a passion for bringing out what's inside us all and what connects us all.  As a social business, EmotiHealth has always used profits for developing innovative ways to bring emotional knowledge, health and capacity to new audiences. They have worked in the NHS and university settings and continue to deliver across public and private sectors.

The problems that drive us?

Exponentially increasing medication and self help isn’t reducing the worldwide pandemic of emotional distress.
Side effects of medication can be more distressing than the problems they are meant to address.
Health professionals are not taught enough about emotional health or its impact on physical health.
Burnout is on the increase for doctors, psychologists, teachers and many others in social care, health and education.
The focus is too often on
‘what is wrong with you’
rather than
‘what happened to you'.
Diagnosis and 'treatment' all too often focus on the symptoms rather than the cause of emotional difficulties nor on what maintains them.
Physical health problems exacerbated or caused by emotional problems are growing at an incredible rate - 1000% within 25 years.

What is our approach?

Being the emotionally, socially fittest we can is good for living and longevity for family business pleasure, our health and the planet.

Early intervention means whole community engagement, training, health care professionals who work at the front line and targeting vulnerable groups.

Early intervention means activating our innate emotional systems, our genetic inheritance to solve the problems of living, to enable growth and thriving.

Embodied and Present

At EmotiHealth we value the whole of you.  The whole of you and how you connect with the world.

Emotional health is not just within, but within and between. Inside us and in our connections.

Inside you - we value what you already know, what is present in your body, your intuition and what is just beyond your current knowing, what you may be unable to access on your own.  

At EmotiHealth, we see you as much more than your thoughts, your past or even your anticipated future. We work with you in the here and now, the present moment, the only place where change can occur. We work to help you experience the power of your emotions and the power of connection to help you release the power of now.

This is just as important when learning to work more effectively with others as it is to be more comfortable and capable within our own skin. So no matter why you are connecting with us at EmotiHealth being embodied and present will be part of our approach.

Why focus on body and mind?

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Separating thinking from your being - the being of your body - is a wound we learn and carry with us starting in our childhood (Philip Shepherd, Radical Wholeness, 2018).
There are short term benefits of separating our mind and body, using our mind to control learning and thinking, even to control our bodies.


The mindful revolution has been within mainstream western healthcare for 20 years, but within the world of health, for thousands of years.  We focus on emotional and embodied mindfulness, being in the present moment, attentive to our whole self and our interconnections. Whether these are within a healthcare or working environment, or in our family connections - being wholeheartedly in the present moment can bring about transformative change.  

At EmotiHealth we recognise that connection is often needed for mindfulness to be effective and for deep whole-hearted presence.   We view effectiveness on a moment by moment basis, collecting data as we go and allowing your inner experience to guide the process.

Attuned Intention

At EmotiHealth we do not tell you what to do.  We encourage you to tune in, listen, and act with intention.  Whether you are recovering from emotional distress, helping others to overcome distress or even building your capacity in your job - tuning in to yourself and your connections will make the difference.  Gaining clarity on your inner processes (attunement) allows you to create powerful intentions that can have a big impact in the world (action).

Learning to attune takes time and practice.  Using the results of attunement takes courage and practice. 

Did we mention practice?

“I spend my life bombarded with messages from my body - what am I supposed to be listening to?”

“I have read every leadership book in the business - the suggestions are all very sensible - what else do I need to listen to?”

Being attuned to our senses - those that receive stimuli from the outside world (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) and those that receive stimuli from our internal world (our conscious or unconscious brain and nervous systems) - will build your capacity for acting with attuned intention.  

Where we can help is to support you to build your capacity to listen to the body and mind, to tune into your sensory experience.

For example, you may be aware of times when you feel fury or a red mist of rage, but are you aware that in the same moment you can feel care for yourself through purposeful assertion? A knowing what is right for you and where your boundaries are?  We may all experience anger in certain situations, however, what moves us to be assertive comes from listening to our internal messaging system. Building your ability to listen to your internal experiences allows you to listen to those messages that come from within; intuition, energy, emotions, blockages, dreams, impulses, activations and ideas are just some of the messages we can listen to.  

Our bodily experiences are in the context of reality and the world outside.  Linking our bodily responses to the current moment, means we can adjust more effectively to the life we are living, the life that is unfolding, the reality that surrounds us.  

This is like sailing a boat while adjusting to the wind in the sails, the tides, the waves, and the storm that may be brewing.  Knowing our boat is not the same as knowing how to sail our boat on this sea, in this weather, to get to a particular destination.  This latter type of knowing is a bodily or intuitive knowing.  We can learn to respond to the wind based on information in the here and now instead of what we think might happen, this can steer us to calmer waters.  With practice, this way of being becomes instinctive and intuitively embedded within us. Often, we don’t know how we sail, but we know that we can.   

At EmotiHealth we support you to find your flow, to act with intention, attuned to your internal experiences and the reality that surrounds you. So you can steer yourself on the course you want to take.


(need to add content about attachment and attachment trauma, intertwined interdependent systems - completely connected and attached to the relationships we have had in the past and the relationship we have developed with ourselves)

Grounded innovation

Each moment is a new birth, an opportunity for newness.   Embodied and present, moving through attuned intention, there is the opportunity for creativity and newness.  If we only use ideas to guide us, we can become rigid and stale.  If we work from this present moment, attuned to the messages within and to reality, we find spontaneity, diversity, innovation and newness. 

At EmotiHealth, your creativity can emerge.  Ours has!  

Do you want to be innovative? To embody your ideas to solve the problems you encounter? Do you want to build trust in your capacity to create what you need?  

We can create so much, in so many forms - relationships, roles, responsibilities, conversations, ideas, muscles, brain cells, white blood cells, energy, relaxation - you create them all from within you, sometimes we just need a little help to bring those creations into existence, into the world around you.

At EmotiHealth we encourage you to be open to your innate and learned wisdom, the wisdom of your body that will take you where you need to be.  

Neuroscience and Nervous Systems

We are not partitioned into mind and body, our bodies keep the score of the game of our life.  More than this, we are our bodies, there is no distinction.  

More coming here soon about neuroscience and how our approach is fully embedded in the scientific revolution about the brain and our body's nervous systems.

But food for thought in the meantime... is the reminder that your brain changes only in the here and now.

Growing, Developing, Evolving

Everything is changing.  

Growing up or breaking down to the universe’s most basic structures - like grains of sand or molecules of carbon - the development that continues after death.  

Growth and death are the certainties of life.  Growth is the natural state of all living things. Growth.

It’s really obvious but we pause here for effect.  Not stagnation, not waiting, not reducing.


Did you know? Our natural state is one of development, of change, of growth.  Even if we are ‘bad at dealing with change’.

So we don’t need to help you change and neither do you.  We can just help each other get out of the way of change.

And even if some of your cells are waiting, they are going to burst into growth at their first chance.  Like seeds or spores in the desert waiting for the rain.

We don’t help you grow, we encourage the right circumstances, to activate what is waiting within you.  

Quantum Physics

Also coming soon is this section on quantum physics. We are passionate about stretching ourselves into new domains and the relevance of this domain for our understanding of change is vital.

Nobel Laurent, Eugene Wigner wrote “It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.... We live in the mindful present as a fish lives in water.”

If consciousness is so important for quantum physics - it goes without saying that knowledge of quantum physics will be important to understand our experience of the world. Watch this space!