Working For You

Whether you want to develop your personal or your professional emotional capacity and skills, EmotiHealth can help.  The EmotiHealth approach and EmotiHealth online helps anyone to be their emotionally and socially fittest.



Emotional distress, flatness, or outbursts are impacting your choices, relationships and quality of life.
If your physical health is deteriorating and stress is part of the picture.

  • Entrepreneurs who are burning out
  • Teachers who are ill each holiday
  • Creatives who have lost their sparkle
  • Parents struggling to connect with each other and their children.

If the essence of you is getting lost in the day to day grind.



Helping professionals build knowledge, skills and emotional capacity from the inside out. We help you improve relationships and outcomes with clients, patients, & customers.Building your emotional knowledge, capacity and capability improves your ability to assess, connect, and intervene. In addition, your leadership skills; relationships with friends, family and colleagues; and work–life balance can all be enhanced.Build your emotional knowledge and capability to save lives, increase longevity – your patients’ and your own.

Building Emotional


Emotions will power your life and bring you home. In living beings, emotions are the most powerful and vital force. Use them wisely and they will take you on the most incredible journey. Ignore, avoid or misuse them and you will lose your way, your energy, your direction and purpose. Building emotional capacity means who can experience and use your emotional energy wisely. It means you can connect with yourself and others more effectively, managing complex situations and interactions at home, work etc with more ease.